Hand & Power Tools

Hand Tools 

Professional Screwdriver Set
 Star Screwdriver (100mm)
Flat Screwdriver
(1.20 x 6.50 x 150mm)
Flat Screwdriver
(1.6 x 10 x 200mm)
Flat Screwdriver 6 x 100mm
Phillips Screwdriver 200mm
Phillips Screwdriver 150mm
Vice grip 137-250 (250mm)
Various Size Spanners
Wrench adjustable shifter 150mm
Adjustable Wrench (200mm)
Pliers water pump insulated 400mm
Side Cutter – Black (200mm)
Long Nose Plier – Black (160mm)
300mm Fencing Pliers
180mm Circlip Pliers Inside
180mm Circlip Pliers Outside
180mm Circlip Pliers Outside Straight
180mm Carpenters Pincers
250mm Concrete Nippers
Pipe Wrench 250mm
Pipe Wrench 300mm
Pipe Wrench 350mm
Pipe Wrench 450mm
Pipe Wrench 600mm
Pipe Wrench 900mm
Lasher Handsaw Poly Handle 650mm
Saw X-Cut (550mm)
Professional Back Saw
(305mm x 13Pt)
Heavy Duty Tubular Hacksaw
High Tension Professional Hacksaw
Mitre Box Saw Storage Plastic
200g Ball and Peen Hammer Wooden Handle
700g Ball and Peen Hammer Wooden Handle
200g Claw Hammer
Wooden Handle
Wood Handle
Wood Handle
500g Claw Hammer Steel Handle
Lasher Club Hammer Suregrip Handle 1.1kg
Lasher Club Hammer Suregrip
Poly 1.8kg
Lasher Sledge Hammer Poly Handle 4.5kg – Black
Lasher Mallet Fibre Handle
Measuring Tape (10m)
Tape Measure 8M

Bosch Power Tools

Impact Drill GSB 13 RE Professional
Impact Drill GSB 16 RE (700w)
Rotary Hammer with SDS plus
GBH 2000 Professional
EasyImpact 550 Impact Drill
Bosch PSS 200 AC Orbital Sander
PBS 75A Belt Sander (710w)
Orbital Sander GSS 23 AE Professional
Planer GHO 6500 Professional
BOSCH 450 W Professional Jigsaw
Bosch PSA 900 E Sabre Saw 900W
Circular Saw PKS 66 A
Hand-Held Circular Saw GKS 190 Professional
Angle Grinder GWS 2200-230 Professional
All Paint Spray System
Random Orbit SanderGEX 125 AC Professional


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