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High density polyethylene plastic pipe (HDPE)

✦  HDPE 16MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 20MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 25MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 32MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 40MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 50MM x 100M

✦  HDPE 63MM x 100M


✦  Pipe PVC SABS 40MM x 6M SV

✦  Pipe PVC SABS 50MM x 6M SV

✦  Pipe PVC RDP 50MM x 6M SV

✦  Pipe PVC SABS 110MM x 6M SV

✦  Pipe PVC SABS 160MM x 6M PL

Copper Tube 

✦  Copper Tube 15MM X 5.5M

✦  Copper Tube 22MM X 5.5M

Brass Fittings

✦  Flexi Connector 15mm X 200mm

✦  Flexi Connector 15mm X 350mm

✦  Flexi Connector 15mm X 450mm

✦  Flexi Connector 15mm X 600mm


Flexi Connector

Extension Piece CP 15MM X 75MM
Extension Piece CP 20MM X 75MM
S Connection CP Long 15MM DB
S Connection Short 15MM DB
Extension Piece CP 15MM X 50MM
Extension Piece CP 15MM X 25MM DB
Reducing Bush CP 15MMX22MM
Floor Drain With P Trap Brass
Floor Drain With P Trap PVC
Holder Bat Brass 15MM
Holder Bat Brass 22MM
Tap Jumper 15MM HP
Tap Jumper 15MM LP
Tap Jumper 20MM

Capillary Fittings

Capillary Coupler
Capillary Elbow 15mm X 45’
Capillary Elbow 15mm X 90’
Capillary End Cap 15mm
Capillary End Cap 15mm
Capillary FI Adaptor : R 22 X 15mm
Capillary Slip Coupler 15mm
Capillary FI Tee 15mm
Capillary MI Adaptor 22mm
Capillary Saddle 22mm

Conex Fittings

15mm Copper to Female Iron 90° Elbow 
20mm Straight Copper to Female Iron Reducing Coupler 
 Coupler Straight CXC (15mm)
Coupler Straight CXMI (15mm)
Elbow CXC (15mm) / (22mm)
Compression Elbow CXMI (15mm) 
Compression Elbow Wallplate CXFI (15mm) 
Compression Stop End (22mm)
Compression Tee Equal CXCXC (15mm) / (22mm)
22 x 22 x 15mm CXCXC Complete Reducing Tee
28mm Copper to Copper Reducing Coupler 601M
Cap Nut (15mm)
Coupler Straight CXFI (15mm)
 Elbow CXFI (22mm)
Compression Spare Ring (15mm)
Copper Elbow Wall Plate CXFI (22mm) 
CxFI Wallplate Elbow Compression (15mm)
Copper Tee Equal (22mm)
P-37XS CXFI Compression Swivel Elbow (15mm) 
Compression Tee Reducer CXFI (22 x 22 x 15mm)


The Eco Max geyser has been designed to meet the new B-rated energy requirement, and has dual electric and solar applications. The Eco Max incorporates an integrated isolator switch, which simplifies on roof installations whilst meeting current SANS requirements. Eco Max geysers are manufactured in 2mm Mild Steel, are Enamel lined and are available in 100L, 150L and 200L tank sizes. By maintaining a PU foam thickness of 58mm all around the Eco Max geyser, any heat generated is retained for a longer period of time, reducing the electrical cost to the user. The PU foam used in our production process is a specially designed Eco Friendly formula which reduces the impact on the environment. The outer casements are available in galvanised steel or chromodec (white or grey); and has been designed with integrated carry handles which allow vertical free standing and eases handling and storage.

Capacity (Lt) 100 150 200
Installation Vert / Hor Commercial 2018
Mounting Floor / Wall Floor Floor
Max Pressure (kpa): 400 400 400
Element Type: Spiral Spiral Spiral
Power 2 2 2
Voltage 230 230 230
IPX Rating 4 4 4
Max Temperature 70 70 70
A – Diameter (mm): 525 525 525
B – Depth (mm): 1010 1390 1770
C – Height (mm): 533 533 533
Weight (kg): 31,8 42,2 51,8
D – Foot (mm): 515 945 1310
Standing Loss 1,21 1,38 1,51
Accessories: T/P & Drain Cock: T/P & Drain Cock T/P & Drain Cock
Ports: 3/4″ Female 3/4″ Female 3/4″ Female
Anode Type: Magneslum Magneslum Magneslum
Anode Length: 1x 20x570g 1x 20x790g 1x 20x970g



GAP has a range of solar solutions that is able to meet the growing demand for energy saving systems, ranging from domestic to large scale industrial systems, including custom designed residential housing projects for developers. GAP solar systems are available in Direct and Indirect configurations, and installed either as a pumped or thermosiphon system.


Thermosiphon systems rely on a natural process where the heat generated in the solar collector is transfered to the Geyser above the solar collector through a thermal process. No mechanical process or electrical system is required. Thermosiphon are highly efficient and require little to no maintenance.  


Pumped systems use a solar collector positioned on the roof to absorb thermal heat and rely on an electrical pump to transfer the heated fluid into the geyser positioned out of sight inside the roof. Pumped systems are aesthetically pleasing and in some cases the existing geyser already installed in the house can be converted to solar.


Direct systems use the water in the geyser as the heating fluid, as a result they are very efficient but can be susceptible to freez and are not recommended for areas with bad water quality. Indirect systems rely on Glycol as the heating fluid in the system, for this type of system a special geyser is required that is able to transfer the heat to the water tank. Indirect systems are freez resistant and are able to withstand adverse water conditions.  

Geyser Spares

Element Spiral 2KW
Element Spiral 3KW
Element Spiral 4KW
Element Wpocket 2KW
Element Wpocket 3KW
Element Wpocket 3KW
Geyser Flange Gasket 
Geyser Flange Gasket 
Geyser Tray PVC 100LT
Geyser Tray PVC 150/200LT
Thermostat Kwik Herm Round
TP Master Female 400kpa / 600kpa
TP MASTER MALE 400KPA / 600kpa
Vacuum Breaker 15MM / 20MM

PVC Pipe Fittings

Female PVC Waste Adaptor
(40 x 38mm)
Male PVC Waste Adaptor
(40 x 31.75mm)
Plain PVC 135 Degree Waste Bend (40mm) 
PVC 87.5 Degree Bend Waste Inspection Eye (40mm) 
PVC Plain 87.5 Degree Waste Bend (40mm)
PVC Plain 87.5 Degree Waste Junction (50mm)
PVC Plain 135 Degree Waste Junction
PVC Soil and Vent 95 Degree Double Junction Inspection Eye Reducing (110mm)
PVC Soil and Vent 95 Degree Junction Inspection Eye Single (110mm)
PVC Soil and Vent Plain 87.5 Degree Junction
PVC Soil and Vent Plain 95 Degree Bend (110mm)
PVC Soil and Vent Plain 95 Degree Double Junction Reducing (110mm
PVC Waste 87.5 Degree Junction E-Spec
PVC Soil and Vent Plain 135 Degree Single Junction (110mm)
PVC Waste Stopend BSP (30mm)
Underground Female PVC Plain Stopend (110mm)
Underground PVC Double Socket (110mm)
Underground PVC Gulley Head and Grate (190 x 110mm)
Underground PVC Pipe (110 x 4000mm)
Underground PVC Plain 90 Degree Junction (110mm)
Underground PVC Plain Bend Double Socket (110 x 1.5mm)
Underground PVC Push Fit Twinwall Socket (110mm)
Underground PVC Ribbed 87.5 Degree Bend (110mm)
Underground PVC Right Hand 45 Degree Junction Ribbed Inspection Eye (110mm)
Underground PVC Single Socket (110mm)
Waste Pipe (50 x 1000m)
Zoe ND Pipe (160mm)
Underground PVC Gulley Grate Round (190mm)

Colliers Sink Traps

Mini Co Traps – Flexible- 40 X 40  Black
Plain ‘P’ Co Traps – Flexible- 40 X 40 – Black
Plain ‘P’ Co Traps – Flexible- 40 X 40  Black
Reseal ‘P’ Co Traps – Flexible – 40 X 40  Black
Reseal ‘S’ Traps – Flexible- 40 X 40 Black
Reseal Mini Co Traps – Flexible  40 X 40  Black
Wash Trough Combinations – Flexible- 40 X 300MM – Black
Chrome Plastic Bottle Trap Combo- 50MM
White Bottle Trap Combo- 50MM
Co Shower Trap 80 X 80
Co Shower Traps 40MM White
Co Shower Tray Trap 50MM
Co Shower Tray Waste & Trap Combo 50MM
Shower Traps – Shallow Seal, 40MM –  CHROME GRID
Shower Traps 80 X 80 Shallow Seal, 50MM
Shower Tray Trap With Grid 50MM
Double Bowl Bottle Trap Set Chrome Plastic 50MM
Double Bowl Bottle Trap Set White 50MM


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